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My Biography

Let me start by citing one of my proudest achievements. In September, 2011, I ventured across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom in order to receive my Master of Arts in media and public relations from Newcastle University.

Coming from a small city like Brownsville, Texas, I never imagined trekking across Europe or meeting peers from all over the world. In one year, I was involved in several campaigns and I even interned at CISV International, a major nonprofit organization with a global reach. I wrote my dissertation on niche social media and its effects on the PR industry, and I am proud of the hard work I put into my education.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Baylor University where I realized my potential as both a writer and an editor. Throughout my undergraduate experience, I acquired skills in copywriting, social media marketing, SEO, advertising, media relations, graphic design, event management and even photography.

After receiving my Masters degree, I moved to San Antonio, Texas, to work for a reputable caterer in the area, True Flavors Catering. It was an honor to work alongside Chef Johnny Hernandez and his team, and it gave me the confidence to work on several social media campaigns by myself. During this time, I developed my skills as a graphic designer, Web design, and programming.

This year, I have moved to the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, to assist in the management of the WWE Network Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ page. Yes, WWE as in World Wrestling Entertainment. Besides becoming a big wrestling fan, I am learning how to work as part of a team of brilliant marketing/PR professionals. It’s been an amazing opportunity to manage a page of over 2 million fans, who are so excited to be a part of something as innovative in sports entertainment as the WWE Network.

While I am proud of my work experience and education, I would also like to clarify who I am as a person. Since I was little, I have been fascinated by films and television. This would explain my failed stint to become a screenwriter but it did invigorate my passion for writing. Even though I have given up on show business, I remain a huge cinephile and retain an unreasonable amount of information about films or television. Seriously, people dread playing movie games or charades with me. I am just that good.

I could tell you my hobbies include jogging, tennis and hiking, but I really just like exploring new territory. I try to catch everything with my camera, because I believe in sharing my experience with others. When I am not playing pioneer, I tend to keep myself informed on the latest tech, film, music, television and political news. I am practically a pop culture guru.

Currently, I am seeking employment in either PR or social media marketing particularly in the consumer brands sector. I would appreciate gaining experience in an agency setting, but I would also be content working as part of a team for an in-house PR department. If you have enjoyed my rant, please send any inquiries, comments or suggestions to info@rodrigogonzalez.net.

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