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Jul 03

The Latest Summer Wedding Food Bar Trends

Who doesn’t like to hit up the bar at weddings and I don’t mean for drinks. Food bars have been popping up everywhere this past year, and I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill food bars either. Food bars also complement all of this year’s latest wedding trends, and it gives guests an entertaining experience as they customize their plates to their heart’s desire. Let’s review this summer’s hottest food bars before the season is over.

Breakfast Is Served

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it makes for an interesting alternative to your standard wedding plate. While breakfast food bars are a more common staple during daytime weddings, more weddings have been serving breakfast for dinner as well. This summer we have seen several varieties of food bars including biscuit, omelette and pancake stations. Don’t even think about serving milk or orange juice with these early morning delicacies; guests can enjoy mimosas or Bloody Marys with their meals to give your wedding a trendy brunch feel.


Keeping It Green

Maybe you don’t have a sweet tooth and you would prefer a food bar that won’t leave your guests counting calories after the wedding. In that case, go for a food bar consisting of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit. Since you don’t want your guests comparing dinner to a typical fruit platter, ensure all the food is local and seasonal to give everyone a unique dining experience.


Pass the Ketchup

On the other hand, we have food bars offering comfort food favorites such as hamburgers, hot dogs or tacos. This is really the bride and groom’s dream as they get to showcase their favorite meals in an interesting fashion. Don’t get carried away and order 200 burgers from McDonalds for your wedding; these plates are all about presentation. Not to mention, it makes for a creative experience as guests get to customize their favorite guilty pleasures.














Southern Comfort

One of the biggest trends this summer has been the rustic wedding to give guests the feel of a larger-than-life cookout. Since it’s summer, rustic weddings are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and it allows guests to sit in long tables ensuring there’s never an end to the conversation. There’s an inherent Southern charm with rustic weddings so incorporate Southern cuisine to your food bar. This also gives the bride and groom a chance to get creative with their food bar and provide a variety of grilled meats, vegetables or pies.

There are countless possibilities with food bar cuisine and we would love to hear about your food bar ideas, so make sure to tell us your story on our Facebook or Twitter page.



May 22

Social Media Consultant for San Antonio Businesses

While conventional media remains a relevant tool to market your business, it is not sufficient to solely rely on it in today’s media landscape.

Most businesses want to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies but do not know how to develop, implement and measure the results of digital campaigns.

As an advocate of social media and PR professional, I am offering my services to any business in the Central Texas area interested in promoting their brand, store or cause on social media.

With my experience in launching numerous social media campaigns, we will discuss the appropriate message, tone, channel and objective based on the client’s goals.

If a client lacks a basic understanding, I will gladly give them a quick tutorial of the benefits and functions of particular social networks. While I have accounts with most social networks, I do have the most experience with the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit.

As your social media consultant, I will not only guide you through the process of an online campaign but I will also utilize a multimedia approach to reach the right influencers to create buzz in your local community.

If you are interested in a free social media consultation, please email me at to schedule a meeting or video conference to discuss how to transition your business or organization to the digital medium.

Jan 14

PR and Marketing in 2013: The Year of Absolute Integration

PR vs. Marketing

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While PR and marketing continue to act as separate disciplines in many organizations, there will be many major advances this year in uniting the once distinct departments.

With hundreds of millions of online users already on various social networks, not to mention Facebook’s audience of more than 1 billion users, a massive amount of marketing data has been acquired in recent years. Big data, as marketers call it, has redefined how marketing and PR practitioners analyze and interpret their target audiences and market segmentation.

If organizations continue to focus its social media efforts on one single department, big data will be too overwhelming for that particular team and it needs to incorporate those efforts to several departments in order to create the best possible marketing solutions.

Besides the issues associated with big data, marketers have recognized the significance of online user experiences. PR practitioners have the greatest understanding of what an organization’s publics demand in their online experience, which would provide an exceptional contribution to the success of an organization’s latest online campaign.

Last year’s buzzword of content marketing will remain relevant this year as marketing and PR practitioners strive to create online content not just for a target audience but also for particular individuals. With customer satisfaction becoming a primary objective for several departments, departments can no longer work separately when they all have common goals.

From a PR perspective, PR practitioners will need assistance from marketing, graphic design, customer service, sales, legal and HR departments in order to create the optimal experience for a practitioner’s various online publics. PR practitioners with a background in conventional media will struggle to maintain an organization’s online relevance in a landscape dominated by visual and mobile content. By eliminating the silos of most organizations, PR practitioners will now have access to alternative forms of graphic design, metrics and innovation that would benefit the department.

While ideally marketers and PR practitioners should work together to complete common objectives, it should be the primary duty of the PR practitioner to establish communications with his or her online audience. As communication experts, PR professionals know how to establish the right tone and narrative and tailor it to specific publics.

Social media has created a two-way symmetrical channel of communications that allows online users to immediately deliver feedback to an organization. Since PR manages public perception, it is a PR practitioner’s job to determine the best method of communication with online users especially if it entails negative feedback.

Because of social media, marketing business models are in constant flux and the most successful organizations in this time of transition will be the ones that accept cross-functional teamwork. The best approach is an innovative approach, and marketing and PR practitioners understand how important it is to be ahead of the curve in the current media landscape. With more executives realizing the significance of online marketing and many firms and agencies already adopting this form of marketing communications, this will be the year in which marketing and PR practitioners will finally come together as social media becomes more prevalent.



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Oct 23

Supernatural Movie Showdown for Lekker Magazine


Children have never been more menacing in Paranormal Activity 4.


You will never view old home movies the same way thanks to Sinister.

Paranormal Activity 4 vs. Sinister

With Halloween around the corner, it is that time of year again where people willingly yearn for the macabre before the holidays. This year does not disappoint with two new horror films geared for bringing out that one good scare. In one corner, we have Paranormal Activity 4, the latest entry in the extremely successful supernatural franchise. On the other hand, we have Sinister, an original tale exploring people’s fascination with snuff videos. Both films have similar themes and entertainment value, but there can only be one winner in this supernatural movie showdown.

Read the rest of the article at the Lekker Magazine website.

Oct 23

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